Friday, March 11, 2011

Nails and finished dress :)

As promised, here are pictures of my new nails! Pink of course, with leopard and rhinestone flowers. I really like them, they look so girly! Look much better (and more pink) in real, and yes I know you can see they're fake nails because they don't fit me perfectly... but they're cheap so whatever x) I'll buy better ones whenever I feel like spending money on nail art stuff. Nevermind I still have glue on my fingers, lol.

And here's the dress I made yesterday, after I added straps and changed what I said I would change! It looks soooo cute as long as I wear it with a belt, or else I look fat because it's so poofy xD It needs to be washed though... I'll post a picture of me wearing it some other time.

Now I need to do my makeup and clean a bit before my sister gets here, or else she'll complain about the mess, haha. And all of you Scandinavians... have you noticed the improvement of All the dresses are so cute!! ♥ Too bad I con't have any money atm... >_<

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Life* A Blog said...

Love your new dress :)