Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was reading the March issue of Ranzuki, and on the last pages of the magazine they always have these ads about losing weight and before/after photos of girls who have lost weight... and this time I seriously exclaimed "EWW!" when I saw it! It's sick! They're obviously underweight, just look at this:

Now I don't know how tall/short these women are, but 37-38kg for an adult?? That was my weight in elementary school!!! How is 50-60kg overweight?? I would much rather look like they did in their before-photos than this! What kind of message does this send out to the teenage girls reading these magazines? "You must look like a skeleton, or else you're fat and ugly".... Especially the girl to the left, makes me shiver, she seriously looks scary. She's got no breasts whatsoever, her thighs are as thin as my arms (well ok, not really, but almost) and her face... she looks like an old witch because she's got no cheeks or anything! Why are they trying to glorify this weight?? It makes me so angry because it's not healthy!!! If you want to be thin then that's fine, as long as you look healthy and are healthy! But in my opinion, an adult woman, no matter how short she is, should never be under 50kg. After reading your comments, I realized that yeah, that's not always possible. Some people are much shorter than the average here in Sweden, and having a weight of 50kg might be a lot to them. So as long as people look healthy I'm happy ^^ I'm not obsessing over my weight, I really don't care about my weight, but I will never go under 50kg (I'm about 50-51kg now), and if I ever do (which I shouldn't because I often eat ice cream and such) I will do something about it!

I know there are girls (and boys) with eating disorders and stuff, but that's just what it is, a disorder. Why would a magazine try to make girls look this skinny on purpose?? I also know there are girls/boys who are naturally skinny, then that's of course not the same, so please take no offense when I'm trashing this skinny look... Wanting to look like this and have such an unhealthy look is insane, and it doesn't even look good at all! I hope girls are not affected by this "ideal" because it's just damn scary.

Healthy is always the best look!


Anonymous said...

ok så du säger att du inte vill att folk som är naturligt smala ska ta illa upp men sen säger du att det ser äckligt ut? hur menar du då?

Sophie said...

Ewww! Alltså detta var ju otroligt skrämmande! Att det här ens är lagligt förstår jag mig inte på !

Fy fan , jag blir arg känner jag!

H. said...

Those ads have always disturbed me. It makes me feel so bad for Japanese girls, having to deal with this sort of pressure. Can you imagine if photos like this were in a western magazine? People would freak out! There is a push to be thin, but it's not as straight-forward as this. Those girls look so frail and unhealthy... why is this being promoted as an ideal?

Though please be aware that "an adult woman, no matter how short she is, should never be under 50kg" is a very generalizing statement. 50-60kg on most Japanese girls would look overweight because they have smaller bone structure than westerners. We can agree that the the girls in this photo are too thin and look unhealthy, but everyone had a different bone structure and will carry weight differently. I understand that you picked 50kg because it's your own weight, but not everyone has the same body as you do. 50kg can look overweight on some people, normal weight on some people, and too thin on some people. So please remember, everyone is different!

Tirin said...

Anon: Men du ser ju bilderna?? Levande skelett - frivilligt! Naturligt smala är inte ens sådär spinkiga!!

Sophie: Jag vet! helt sjukt! Snacka om att det hade blivit protester om svenska tidningar såg ut sådär!

H: It's true, Asians are naturally skinny, but I just think it sounds so little to weigh 40-something kg for an adult. but yeah, they can look healthy anyway since they're often very short as well. i just think it sounds strange... but then again, i'm not asian so i don't know what's normal there >_< but i do know that 30-something kg is waay too little for any person!

Maria said...

omg ! they look like a skeletons

Bella said...

ahh i'm under 50kg >.<
what if you're naturally born thin though?

Tirin said...

Bella: Oops sorry :P but yeah that's another thing. but i mean people who are not naturally skinny shouldn't feel they have to lose weight like that to look like models! if you're naturally thin and healthy that's good :)

saana said...

Seriously, YUCK! I've always hated these ads in the end of the Japanese magazines. These girls are just too thin! I've seen a worse photo though, I don't remember what magazine it was. That girl's cribs could be seen really clearly, and it looked almost like those ana photos. The before photos look much better, indeed.

I'm about 40 kg, but I'm only 149cm tall (short). And I know I'm too skinny, but since I've always been, I eat normally, I'm healthy and I don't look like an anorexic like those girls, I've decided not to worry about it too much and admit it. I would still like to get some more weight and I hate how people without any thinking say things like "Of course we all would like to lose some weight" etc.

Anonymous said...

im allso naturally thin. 16 years old 1,75 m and I weight 45 kg.. im not unhealthy just naturally skinny but i still dont look like the girls in the pictures

Anonymous said...

No muscles =less weight. I, on the other side, have got nice muscles and a wellshaped body. My weight is 65 kilos and i`m also 1.75.

Tirin said...

Well it's pretty common for teens to be a bit underweight.. being 16 means you're still not an adult, so i would say it's normal. and it's good you're healthy!

and yeah 65kg is a good weight for being 175cm :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.
It looks horrible in real life too, I used to be so motivated to lose weight because of those ads, that I dropped to 44 kg (I used to be 65kg), but I'm 1.69 tall.
result: had to go into treatment for anorexia, and now, 1 year later, I'm still recovering.
Seriously, those ads ruined my life, I hope other girls won't be as stupid as me, and don't take those things too seriously.
I think everybody can look beautifull, no matter what their weight is. <3

ps: love your blog!

Tirin said...

Aww I'm sorry you went through that because of such stupid ads - they shouldn't be legal in fashion magazines for teens!
and i agree with you, beauty mostly comes from the inside anyway :)

thank you! ~♥

vivalabriony said...

Ive seen a few travel shows on Japan which show bars that Let women drink for free- as long as they are under a certain weight. Thats messed up!x