Thursday, March 24, 2011

How guys should (not) style their hair

Okay finally time to talk hair - for guys (simply because there are a billion hairstyles that look awesome on girls)! Remember that what I write are my personal opinions and of course there will be people who disagree.

First of all, I have to say that I only like short hair on guys. No offense, but I think long (like shoulder-length or longer) is girly, so I won't write about any hair styles like that.

1. Straight hair
Since most people have straight hair, I'll show you the styles I like and don't like. For some reason, there are still guys who adore hair products, and backslick is quite popular. This is what I think of backslick:
It can look kiiiinda good on some, but on most people it just looks greasy and not good. In fact, I don't like hair products at all - when you can see them. It looks meterosexual (which, if you're going for that look is good) and it also looks very 90s.
If you do have short hair and don't want it to look boring and just "there", there are ways to style it without getting that greasy result. Take a look at these two styles below, they look natural and a bit messy, which on the other hand saves you from that "feminine" look. I love it on a guy when his hair looks like he just woke up (but at the same time is styled):
Remember: Even if it takes some time to style your hair into this messy look, the goal is to make it look effortless. No hair gel that makes your hair stiff and ugly!

2. Curly hair
For all you guys with curly hair out there, styling it might not be the easiest thing. Please don't invest in a straightening iron though, curly hair can look awesome - if you have the right hair cut.

Look at this style. Some people might love it, because it looks like one of those beach person/surfer guy hair, but no, it looks wrong. First of all, it's too long (as I said earlier, I don't like shoulder length or longer), and there aren't really any layers which makes it look like the hair of a little girl.
What you want to do is to achieve that effortless look again. I know by own experience that naturally curly hair tend to look and feel a bit dry, which isn't how we want it to look. A tip is to massage soft hair mousse (that won't harden and make your hair feel crunchy) into the hair while it's still wet. It will intensify the curls in a natural looking way - of course this works for girls too.
I'm not sure how helpful that was, but just giving you some ideas of hair styles :) All pictures were randomly taken fro google. Thank you for showing interest for these kinds of posts!

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