Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest blogger

This shirt has become my "doing nothing at home"-shirt :)
So anyway, since I couldn't think of anything to write today, I asked my Danish friend Mads to guest blog! He's a weirdo though, so this is what he wrote:

"Hey everyone, I’m Mads! I’m from Denmark, 20 years old and apparently Tilde is letting me guest blog! So I’m trying to figure out what to blog about, since I don’t want to bore you all! :p So what better to talk about, than ME?! I’m AWESOME! (I’m actually more awesome than Tilde even though she won’t admit it!) ;D Anyways, it’s freezing cold outside and I’ve agreed to go swimming in the ocean tonight with some friends, which will be extremely cold. Especially since we’ll have to run from the ocean back to the school and then in to a sauna! I’m at a boarding school for 2 weeks atm. and I’m really enjoying it. I know Tilde misses me a lot though since I can’t be on msn much ;D What she’ll never tell you is that she loves me A LOT! I might go visit her in Sweden in April, and then we’re going to London in August seeing as I owe her a trip to London after she won it in a game I decided to play with her -.- Awesome people click with awesome people, so of course we’ll have an AWESOMETASTIC time! She has plans on seducing me though and trying to make me her boyfriend, so we’ll see how well she does! I’m in class btw, so this won’t be much longer! But it’s a quick introduction to me and that’s all you need :p Annnnnd Tilde is AWESOME! <3
The end.
Written by Mads – "
Hahahah riiiight... you wish, Mads! >_> but I do agree on the "Tilde is awesome"-part! And that's about all for today! Let me know if any of you readers want to guest blog too (although that probably won't happen, but who knows!) :D

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I love to guestblog!

aware me whenever you wanted to choose me!
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