Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Friday Friday

Today my sister came to Västerås since she's visiting this weekend. We went to a big supermarket/mall and it was the first time I used my awesome really high heels from Nelly! The snow is finally melting so I think spring will be here soon :) So excited! haha All Swedes get crazy when it's sunny in early spring... Take off their jackets even though it's under 10 degrees C, just because it's sunny, lol.

Today I tried loose curls and well... it looks ok on me! Although I look a bit crazy in these pics, haha ignore that... Och för alla er svenskar, har ni sett Varning för barn på 3:an eller vad det nu går på... askul!! :D Typ roligare än Pensionärsjävlar!
And yes, I look crazy when I smile like this, lol, but my hair looks great in this pic ^^

It's funny how I get ads on my blog saying "Find a Polish wife", "Thai dating site", etc.. xD Aaaaaaanyway, I should probably sleep soon, didn't get enough sleep last night... My dad woke me up calling about what happened in Japan, so sad!! :( Horrible.... I hope all my penfriends are ok!! My old Japanese teacher was there with her class and they got home yesterday, one day before all this... Amazing how lucky they were not staying longer...


Ayaka said...

Hello, Tilde
I always read your blog.
Yeah,thanks. I'm OK:) Here in my city doesn't have not so big damage. But east part of Japan stop all transportation... Airplanes, taxis, buses, trains, shinkansens...anything doesn't workX( This time, not only big earthquake but also big tsunami happened. North East of Japan was utterly destroyed.
Anyway, thank you very much for your worries. I'm sorry my long comment><

Anonymous said...

Såg varning för barn och det var väldigt kul!!

Tirin said...

Ah Ayaka, I'm so happy you're ok! it's so sad what happened, i can't imagine how scary and horrible it must've been for the people who were affected :(

i'm almost finished with your letter, so sorry for the long delay!! i've been busy with things ._.

Anon: jaaa det är jättebra ju :D

ashka said...

I loveeee your hair like this it is so gorgeous and I adore your bangs!