Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad news :(

I have some bad news... A few second after this picture was taken, my brother and the floor in his room decided to committ a horrible crime - they killed my beloved camera. The men at the store where I bought it last year (? maybe 1,5 years ago) said they don't think it can be fixed and I will probably get a new camera in about two weeks... but not the same kind. I looooved my camera! Touchscreen and a screen in the front as well - perfect for ego pics! Plus it's been with me in Italy, Japan and during my graduation... We have spent some awesome times together, I'm devastated, soooo sad it had to leave so soon (it's actually the second time it broke because someone dropped it, what's wrong with the quality?? They should totally fix that). And I had decorated it, meaning if they just toss it away that's about 100 SEK more of my money!!! They could at least send it back so I can re-use those decorations!! Also, I'm sorry to say: the photos from now on, until I get a new camera, will be taken only with webcam or my cellphone...
Before my camera died, I took a picture of today's makeup. I tried gold glitter as eyeshadow (as before, since I don't have any body glue, I put it on with lipgloss!) to bring out the golden yellow-ish part of my iris, closest to the pupils. Hmm I like circle lenses that don't change the color of the eyes. 
I've decided to make a post where I gather tips about makeup and hair care! I love reading things like that on blogs, so why not write a post like that myself? :) Hopefully it will help some people!

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