Friday, February 11, 2011

What Swedes think of YOU

First, today's hair and makeup:
And second... I told you yesterday I'd blog about what prejudice Swedes have about some other countries and its people, and now I will. This is based on my own prejudice (although I'm not very prejudiced and I know it's not always true) and a couple of other people I asked. I speak of people in general and this is not supposed to be taken too seriously, so take no offense!

Well... Swedes can't help but to think Americans are a bit arrogant. They are raised to believe they live in the best country in the world and they don't even bother learning the world geography. Sweden and Switzerland are different countries, and no, Europe is not one country. Why do we always hear "I'm going to visit Europe" when there are sooo many countries here? "Lazy, patriots, fat, stupid, ignorant".... are some of the words people mentioned, and yet most people really want to visit USA.
     I suppose I have to say some positive things about Americans as well. ;) I think they are very friendly, outgoing, and easy to talk to. So overall I like Americans!

Teadrinking pale snobs with bad teeth who love getting drunk and beat people up during soccer games. They also curse a lot. It's super rainy there which makes it a bit depressing, but at least London is good for shopping. Also, Brits are not considered attractive, in general.
     Positive things about brits are that they are nice, have awesome accents and they're quite charming. Oh and I love Scottish.

Redneck criminals with a weird accent who live among dangerous animals and love surfing. Although Swedes don't really know much about Aussies, most people want to visit Australia.
     Australian is my favorite accent in English and from what I know, Australians are very laid-back and friendly, also a bit adventuristic. xD

To Swedes, Japanese are a short and weird people who speak funny engrish. There are a lot of them, like really, a lot (mostly because Japan is a small country so it's very crowded) and they're very extreme in a lot of ways. They are hardworkers and oversexual. They tend to be a bit scared of foreigners and shout "kawaii" at everything and everyone that looks a bit different. They are extremely shy, until they get drunk.
     Japanese invent the coolest (and weirdest, also unnecessary) things! I love their weirdness though and Tokyo is the coolest city! They are both modern and old-fashioned at the same time, which make them interesting.

The French:
They would be nice if they were understandable. They are snobs and suck at English. Most of the time they refuse to speak English with people who know it better than they do (which is everyone). "Overcultural and cheat in soccer", is another way of descrbing them.
     But I like French people, they're charming and interesting and nice. Besides, I haven't really met a true French snob...

To Swedes, Russians are heavy drinkers (vodka, duuh). They're also quiet and butch and love to wear fur. The women wear too much makeup and like to marry rich Americans. Most Swedes don't want to express any prejudice about Russians though, because they know someone who's from Russia.
     My best friend thoughout junior high and high school (as you know by "Z") is Russian, so I've heard a lot of stories about Russia and the people there. My impression is, yes they do seem to drink a lot (but these days, everyone does, lol). They're kind though, but very strict.

Haha Swede seems so prejudiced and mean now... but as I said, this is supposed to be funny and a bit "extreme", and it's not meant to offend anyone. Feel free to comment with things you agree and disagree with!


VALENTINE † said...

Haha, these stereotypes are so funny XD In terms of the US, it is actually frustrating to so many Americans; we understand where these stereotypes come from (we do live among these types, of course) & naturally hate to be lumped in with them when we are the opposite T^T Who wouldn't hate that ~~ But ahh, you are so beautiful :( I have to say, your gyaru look is truly very gorgeous. I wish to know more about Swedish culture actually ^^ when I think of it, there is much I would need to learn.

ゴ☆ said...

what about the germans? haha~

i also hear a lot that french can't speak english well but i think it's just like any other country: some speak very well but of course they are people who speak very little :'D
BUT! when i was in paris last year and wanted to ask people the way there was an old man who spoke really well! i was so shocked, haha xD~ (because i never saw old people who speak fluent english)

rusty said...

You forgot to mention that french people love sex. Also, men like to shout offensive stuff at you, and they do not get hints, i.e. "I am not interested". They go "OH C'MON URE SO BEAUTIFUL, oh okay you don't like me? Whore".
It has happened to me a lot of times when I've visited Paris, unfortunately. D:
Although the only french girl I personally know is sweet, loves to cook and is genuinly nice and loves to get to know new people. So of course not all french people are sex maniacs who can't take a hint, lol.

Also, I think swedish people often dislikes americans' patriotism, mostly because we ourselves are sort of "ashamed" to be proud of our country. Also we usually joke about americans being overly religious and starting sects, mostly because it's so far from most swedes seeing as most of us are atheists.
One of my best friends is american though, and I love her to bits. I love how she made me realise not all americans are that ignorant, arrogant people most people in Europe like to think they are.

Tirin said...

Valentine: haha yeah i guess there's always soooome truth to prejudice xD but yeah it's unfair to the rest of the people! lol
aww thank you ~♥

ゴ☆: ah sorry, nothing about germans this time, can't write about all nationalities.. ^^'
yes, there are people who know english very well (and very bad) in all countries, hehe

rusty: yay i know some super nice french girls too! haha that goes for italians and spanish guys as well! i think a lot of guys treat women that badly.. it sucks! so disrespectful! >_<

yeah it's true, when swedes are patriots we're automatically "racists". so i guess we must make fun of people who are patriots and not called racists... xD (if that makes sense..)

Lilmargi said...

What do you think about Spanish people? If you are going to say that we are lazy... Yes, I am xDDD And my English sucks.

I agree with your description of USA people, Russians and Japanese. Maybe, the reason of these prejudices are films.

Julien from Paris said...

It's crazy how people can think we're cheaters now in soccer since this Hand of Henry .. but still everyone would think same if it was another player in another country i guess .
About english , yeah we're still late compared to others , in France we're very protective about our languages and maybe it was a reason about why we prefer keep our french and speak french all the time ^^ but as you can see , i'm french and i speak english good enough i think ;) come here and you'll see we can be charming as u said !

OJ said...

I'm Russian and live in the U.S.
The problem with stereotpying America is that there are actually very few "real Americans"

It seems like everyone is from a different country anyway. I don't think that any of my friends in the U.S. are "American", I do have Japanese, French, Russian, Mexican, etc. friends that happen to live in America.

The number one question when you meet someone in the U.S. is "where are you from?"
No one really assumes that you are "American" not in New York City anyway.

...also it is agreed that Russians do drink a lot. My family does and the first beer I had was when I was 9.

Anonymous said...

funny post!^^

But russians drink even less then polish people. The most heavy drinkers are ukrainians - like me!^^

jmagnussssss said...

Tilde! I laughed so hard at this. So good. Although I'm not a redneck criminal =( haha

munchybuddy said...

Who doesn't think American aren't arrogant? We have every right to be. The Arabs hate us because we're Christians and we spend all our money to liberate their countries. If it wasn't for the Americans kicking the shit out of the Germans then every European nation would be run by the Germans. If it wasn't for Americans they're wouldn't be a free south Korea. If Americans hadn't shown mercy to japan then they're wouldn't be a glamorous Tokyo. it would have been just like Hiroshima. And i'm pretty sure most Americans know world geography. And when Americans go to 'Europe' its usually the truth. because most Americans tour more than just one country. it would be easier to say the continent of Europe than to just list off countries. Lazy? haha thats why we're the most powerful country in the world? we had to work to get there. butt, i loved this blog, veryy interesting!<3

Suzanne said...

Currently residing in Russia and well, I am Asian. I do realize it too Russians are real heavy drinkers. Well and also heavy smokers(?). In streets I see almost everybody smokes.Kind of like a culture shock to me.

Anyway really interesting post.

ベーサ said...

We actually think about the same for everything you said!! ^^
What about Switzerland?? I live there and I already experienced the confusion with Sweden haha :D

trueblue said...

i'm american and found your blog amusing. seeing how prejudice/stereotypes are view toward others on your blog, you can see that they are not true or at least not everyone fit the profile. it's true that europe isn't one country, but it is one continent. that is why when you hear "I'm going to visit Europe" it means "I'm going to visit more than one country in Europe." in my opinion, those that think americans don't know the difference between country and continent either 1. don't know the difference themselves or 2. mix the word up since they both start with "co" and have a "t" in the middle =P
continue writing your interesting blog, it's amusing =)

Bastien said...

Hej Tilde ! :)
At first I wanna tell you that your blog is very nice ! A bit girly for me though :P haha jk ;)
What you say about french is definetly right about languages, our educational system suck with languages, french people are bad in english because of that. But I totally disagree about "cheat in soccer" because it was totally not the case :) It suit more to Italians people :D