Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Swedes think of YOU: part 2

Hey guys! We had some Internet problems last night so I couldn't blog about stereotypes, but now it's working again, so here we go! Let's start with our neighbor countries...

Oh dear... a Norwegian is always the stupid person in a Swedish joke (like the jokes are about how stupid Norwegians are - but I think they have the same jokes but with Swedes). Norway is damn expensive, but they're all a bit... well countryside-ish. There's not much to say about our beloved neighbors, overall, they're like Swedes but with a funny accent - like Swedish but how a little child would say things.
     Like I just said, they're pretty much like Swedes, although we compete about everything. I really like Norwegians and I love the Norwegian language, it's so cute! ☆

Hmm, what's there to say about our southern neighbors? Well, most Swedes think they speak like they've got hot porridge down their throats. They also kidnap Thai girls and make them prostitutes, plus they can buy alcohol at age 16, so they must be drunks. They're like underclass Swedes, most of them. But Swedes would love for them to take over Skåne (southern Sweden), because skånska (the southern Swedish dialect) sounds a lot like they belong in Denmark.
     I think Danish sounds cool, but yeah, a bit like how Swedes describe it (sorry!), and Danes are nice people. And they invented Lego, right?? Although they say that it doesn't come from the Latin word lego meaning "I build", but from some Danish word meaning something that has to do with "play/game"... Hmm... not buying it.

Weird language, we must say. But a lot of people living in Sweden are half-Finnish, although most of them don't know a word of Finnish. They love to hang out in the sauna while getting drunk and watch The Moomins at the same time they're headbanging to deathmetal! The alcoholics on the busses or park benches here in Sweden are often Finns, nice people....
     I can't say much about them since I don't really know any Finns (just half-Finns-half-Swedes), but the ones I have talked to are great people! haha Unlike what a lot of foreigners think, Finnish is not at all related to the other Scandinavian languages. It's related to Russian and all those other Slavic languages. That's why it's weird to us! x) Ok, correction, it's a  Finno-Ugric language, but yeah... whatever :) lol

Metrosexual hairy men that flirt with everyone (at least if they're blonde, the girls, I mean). They make good ice cream but speak not so good English. Italy is filled with history, but they need an update since they’re not so civilized. Have you seen how they park their cars? The sad thing is, all those youtube videos about that are true. But at least they’ve got some great fashion designers.
     Yeah that's even how I see Italians! lol Although I know some really nice people from there. But really, it was in Rome that I got the nickname "Barbie" (yes, I know, they say that to all girls with light blonde hair). Sometimes it's good to be so straightforward though, so good job! I haven't said much about Italian women, well it's because I didn't notice them in Italy. There were men everywhere but not so many women, strange, very strange....

Spanish people:
Extrovert, loud people who love to drink and get high, especially in public places. They flirt with little girls (like me and my sister when we were 12-13 or so even) and they also love to dance flamenco. I remember when in Barcelona we were going to a grocery store and the owner tried to scam us and my mom told him off, and he called her "fag" (but of course in Spanish, and yes, my mom is fluent in Spanish, and yes, I know they speak Catalan there). The next day he saw us on the street and waved and were all like "my friends!", etc. So yeah, two-faced people, we all know Spanish people can't be trusted!
     On the other hand, they're very friendly and happy people. I love Spain, I love the atmosphere there and I love the language. ~♥

Oh, those beer-drinking, crazy hardrock/metal-loving people! Their language is, just like Danish, weird to us (a bit funny in a way) - and don't tell a Swede that Swedish sounds like German!! When thinking of Germans, the Swedes imagine them in their national costume with a glass of beer in their hands, perhaps driving a Volkswagen, under influence, of course.
     Germany is a great country, I have awesome memories from there, plus those typical small German villages are so pretty :) The people are kind, but not so good at English, even though they say they are. Anyway, I like Germans!

Oh yes, those people in South America with the cities where favelas and huge skyscrapers are neighbors, where people use helecopters to get to work, and where cars are bulletproof, just because anyone can get kidnapped. Despite all those scary things about Brazil, Brazilians are known for their good looks and... yeah that's about it. Oh wait, they have a weird ass-obsession too.
     The only Brazilians I've met was during my CISV camp, and well... I was 10. They were nice though, and I thought one of the boys was super cute! He was flirting with pretty much every girl though, so I started thinking the other boy was cute instead. One of the girls was pretty and kind, the other one was very shy and pale with glasses. Hmm... Sooo as a conclusion; for Swedes, Latinos are pretty charming.

As always, take no offense! I have written everything with LOVE!


Anonymous said...

haha one funny thing about us germans is,that everyone associates those leather-trousers with our country.
But only a little part of Germany (Bavaria) does wear it :'D
But nice to hear that you like Germany :3

Sanna said...

Actually Finnish language is a member of Uralic family languages ^^ which contains also quite similar sounding Estonian language :)

Mia said...

hahahahahahahah all the Spanish are not the same I assure you, just that there are bad people makes us look like that! In all we do not like flamenco ... is a topic! hahaahhhaahhah but yes you're very right, so people laughs or visitors and wants told and makes us look bad the rest, is sad!

ピア ヅ。 said...

Argh! XD WHY??? does everybody thinks that german people always wear those things? Seriously I never even saw 1 of these things. Only these bavarian ..strange..people.. with their strange german wear this shit XD

And yes, sadly everybody thinks we only drink beer ;___; not true...

AND we are good in english! U just have to find the smart people ;D

Omid said...

Tilde, you didn't write about Iran!

anyway , thanks, it was good!:)

hope in the next Swedes Prejudice you write about Iran!:D

Anonymous said...

Okaaay i'm bavarian and we're NOT always wearing "this shit"
but i have to admit that we don't want to get associated with those "prussian people" either..
it's not even funny anymore how much they're discriminated here

by the way, a dirndl will give you the best décolleté ever you should try it ;D

Jeongie ~ ☆ said...

Haha so funny! :D

I live in Denmark! And yes, Danes invented Lego, and the name means "leg godt/Play good" ;3
The Thai part, is almost true though (sadly lol!) sooo many thai people here. There's almost an import of mailorder brides in DK! =0=
And the alcohol thing.. 16 is just wayyy too low imo! ://

Anywaaay! Nice blog you've got! Really like it and you're very pretty! ^^


Morfeo said...

Hi dear...
don´t know me; so,don´t try to remember. Nice feed...
I come from Spain, and reading what you just wrote, means, that you don´t really know us in a complete way...don´t bother, please; it is normal.
Don´t know many friends here, who even like flamenco...but you were in Barcelona, where many sevillians live, and they were the inventors of that dance.
People in Barcelona, are the farest to be the tipical Spaniard. I love that word, and what it means (remember 'Gladiator')...
Anyway, if you ever fly to Madrid, just dial 656 434 862, and you, your sister and your mommy, will discover how we really are, and what a beautiful town, will do for be remembered...forever?
See you?
Hugs from Spain...
And love for everyone

Tirin said...

Lol all of this is written for fun, of course I know that all people of these countries are not like what I've written. It's just our stereotypes! Don't take it so seriously when I've expressed that it's prejudice and not how it really is.