Friday, February 25, 2011

What I think of Swedes

Look at my awesome bling necklace!
There was a woman on TV with the coolest shoes ever (high heels, of course)! They were silver with lots of bling and glitter, and I died a bit. I want those shoes!! One day...
Okay so, I suppose I can write a bit about what Swedes think of themselves, although it'll just be my opinion. To me, Swedes are... well one of the friendliest people, in general. I know some people from countries in the south think we seem cold and we don't smile all the time, but we're really damn friendly!

People who know me know that I don't really like Swedes even though I think we're nice people. It's because of the attitude of the younger people, lol. They're horrible, sooo prejudiced and mean to everyone that's different (not everyone's like that, of course). I hate it. Hate that they're like that. I don't date many Swedes because I don't like the way they approach girls, or their attitude. Sorry Swedish guys - you're still tall and handsome... in general :)

Sweden is a beautiful country with all our traditional red wooden houses, and all the nature. Of course there are modern buildings too, but... not really. Not where I live. Västerås, 133 000 people, yet the 6th or 7th biggest city in all of Sweden... well that says a lot.
Oh and the very north of Sweden, it's breathtaking! I love it there! All the mountains, clear blue water, fresh air... Ah, wonderful ♥ If it weren't for their accent (haha jk, sorry!) and the cold weather.. and the fact that there's nothing there besides nature, I could sooo live there!

Anyway, here we have something called "jantelagen" which is basically you can't think anything of yourself. It's very true. People who stand out are not liked. People that are different or very successful will be disliked for just those reasons. I think that's one of the reasons a lot of Swedes want to move abroad. You can't really be yourself here, for some reason.. It's like you have to choose between being liked and being yourself.

Also, Swedes don't know their own language. Their grammar is horrible and they can't spell simple words. I'm a grammar nazi (haha beware!) so I really really really hate that! Even in movies or commercials they can't use proper Swedish! AAAAAARRRGHHHHHHH!!!

Dispite all that, I'm proud to be Swedish and I love my country. Even if I do end up in a different country in the future, I'll make sure to visit quite often. Can't miss out on Swedish summer, it's the best! and I've spent my summers in a looot of countries... still nothing beats Swedish summer :)

Hmm I suppose that's all... Any questions about Swedes or Sweden? - ask!


Liak said...

Do they all have blonde hair & blue eyes? *-*

Tirin said...

haha no they're not.. but originally swedes were all blonde or redheads (like back in the viking days).. :P

Craig said...

Do have polar bears in the streets? And what about the meatballs? Tell us something about those delicious balls of yours

Tirin said...

hahah wtf... yeeeeaaaah i have a pet polar bear in my backyard that i dress up in pink dresses and dance with under the midnight sun. what am i supposed to say about meatballs? lol

나니 said...

I live in Denmark! : D Woo! We're practically neighbors! Hahah! xD

Tirin said...

woooohoooo neighbors, yay xD

Momentaufnahme said...

What you've written, I have heard it myself. It seems swedish like to be in the crowd and feel save. everybody should be the same.
youve an awesome blog :)