Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What guys should (not) wear

Here it is, the blog post all of you guys have been waiting for; my personal opinion on what guys should and should not wear! People ask me all the time for style tips, so yeah I'm gonna blog about it. Now remember, this is my personal opinion and probably not what girls/women in general think (I want my man to be manly but still a bit stylish, not some metrosexual fashionista).

1. The cardigan look
Guys always try this style, but sadly, most of them fail (in my opinion). I'll give you some examples (found all of them on google);

What's wrong with this? Well let's start with the color of the cardigan... no man, however masculine he is, can pull off the pink (very light red?) cardigan look. End of discussion. Also, what's up with the shoes? He looks like a 17th century maid. And the jeans... roll up jeans? Come on... and his hair style doesn't help.
Is that his cardigan or did he borrow it from his 200kg heavy grandfather? The tucked in shirt with the old man's pants and ugly shoes doesn't really help the style either. And the bow tie? Mmmm no thanks.

Now you may wonder "so what is the cardigan look supposed to look like?", and don't worry - here's the perfect cardigan look for all you men out there;
Yesss, I love this style! Basic colors, great jeans and white shoes ♥ It would probably work better without the necklace (that's a necklace, right?), but whatever. He should probably work on his posture as well, but other than that, this cardigan look is perfect.

2. The shirt look
Every man should have a few shirts, for formal events, parties or for an everyday look. Let's see...

I don't like the color of this shirt, but what bothers me the most is that he tucked it in with an ugly-ass belt!! How old is this guy? 40+? If that's the case at least he's got an awesome body for his age...

Okay, not my favorite, but the best picture I could find. Shirt with jeans ♥ And rolled up sleeves (not a must, but it looks great). A color that doesn't "pop out" like in the previous picture, and it's not just a plain blue shirt. Other colors in this style work too :)

3. The shorts look
I can't force guys to always wear jeans (which I would want them to), because summer is probably too warm for that. So I guess all guys own at least one pair of shorts, but do you have the right ones?

Haha this picture makes me laugh... What's wrong with this style? - What's not wrong with this style?? The shirt might have looked better if he'd had the body for it, hats are OK, but this one looks ugly... What's with the scarf?? Flipflops...? I hate that on guys.. plus the shorts are ugly. What were they thinking styling him like that?!

Now this style would be OK if he didn't roll up his shorts (a man's shorts should never end above the knee!!!) and wear it with girls' shoes! I like the cardigan and the basic colors, white shoes (although they look like the shoes all the girls buy from H&M in spring)... Even though he made some mistakes (I mean, look at only the legs and imagine them a bit more feminine - that could be a girl wearing that), he still managed to make it look masculine, well done!

That's all for now! Hope all of you guys learned something reading this! haha Remember though, there are girls who love fashionable metrosexual guys with a passion for clothes - I'm just not one of them. Keep it simple, keep it basic, and keep it masculine; then you can't fail! ;D

Obviously I don't know any of the people in the pictures and I'm not hating on them or their style, they can dress however they want, couldn't care less. Just trying to give a few tips for the guys asking for style advice about what I think is good and not so good. I haven't said anything mean to the guys or their looks, just the clothes (and in one case the hair). Good for them for having their own style! I just don't like it, but I'm one person, there might be lots who love their style, blablabla. This is supposed to be helping, not a hating post, lol.


Anonymous said...

haha the crossed out pics look reaaaally really bad :'D
Cannot take this.
PLEASE guys,don't wear this :D

Tirin said...

haha yeah i know! xD it's sad that a lot of swedish guys try to be fashionable but end up dressing sorta like that.

rusty said...

Wow, I'm kind of sad... I was just starting to get some real respect for you and what you write, and now you kind of ruined it with this post. :/ I'm a-okay with having opinions regarding how you'd like someone to look, but there's always that constructive side you can use... Instead of just writing mean remarks.
All in all, I thought you'd do better than this. :(

Tirin said...

lol i'm not personally attacking anyone, i'm just expressing MY opinions about CLOTHES. clothes have no feelings. people can dress however they want, i couldn' care less. just trying to help the guys who always ask me for advice.

Alicia said...


:P Obviously you didn't read the entire post. She did not just put up mean remarks without constructive criticism.

She gave a good example for a fashionable cardigan and bad examples as well. Not only that, but she gave a good comment for guys shoes - keep it simple (because sometimes less is more).

Furthermore, while she expressed an opinion about disliking the "office look" (blue shirt and black pants) she continues to give an example of a long sleeve button up shirt style that she does like.

Moving on to guys shorts, I agree that a scarf with flip flops does not make sense. Although her positive example does express a few flaws, she agrees that over all this is a well done masculine style and could be even better with a few minor adjustments.

You should read, think, and then comment.

Anonymous said...

I didnt agree with one point only...pastel colored cardigans suit men. European women probably arent used to this, but take a look at asian men. The pull it off the best. I am not a fan of metrosexual guys either, but we gotta agree, asians are
take care

Omid said...

oh nice! thanks for surfing the websites for collecting pictures!

you are very kind! :)

BeXie said...

@radisschen - my bf is Asian and takes a lot of care with his appearance, i called him a metrosexual (he lol'd) I do find metrosexuals attractive (obviously). I think any guy who takes care of his appearance has a plus point already :) Though I know a lot of gals aren't attracted to metromen (or gyaruo for that matter lol)

I agree with the article too tho :)