Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We could be victorious ♫

First, some camwhoring:
I haven't been using circle lenses lately... mostly because I think I look better without them xD Oh and no, I didn't dye parts of my hair brown, it's not permanent :) I suppose it would look better if I straightened all of my hair, but I'm too lazy to do that today, haha. But if you cover the blonde hair on the first pic you can sorta see what I would look like as a brunette! Ah I dunno what's with the graduation cap again, I was wearing it when making a video for someone.. then I just kept it on, lol.

Anyway, I was thinking I'd write the last "What Swedes think of YOU"-post later on today. I just need to talk to a couple of Swedes to get their opinion. Also, someone messaged me asking for a post about what Swedes think of themselves, hah... that could be fun. I guess I'd just write my own opinions though, instead of asking other Swedes what they think of their own people. I already wrote some under the "Swedish Stereotypes"-post, but yeah...

I need to write an e-mail now and study a bit. Have a good rest of the day~☆


Nicki said...

Hey! Jag köper mina lösögonfransar på, men jag beställer dom genom whiterabbit express :3

Tirin said...

aah okej, tack! ska spana in det :)

タマ☆JEWEL☆ said...

you are SUCH A strong sexy gal && i love you! keep it up mama!

Keisuke said...

You are so adorable!!!

I wanna talk with you but you haven't been on MSN >< *cry*