Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Today I went to a place called Björnön ("The bear island", haha) with my parents to go for a walk and take photos, etc. I think I've got a cold now though, my throat hurts! :(
The picture of the no diving-sign sorta looks like it's from a warm place, but it's actually ice... ^^ Oh and the other day someone added me on msn, told me "you look like a plastic Barbie" and then blocked me, haha.  Okay so I look like Barbie, and yet I know his native language better than he does. I suppose that's what people are like, the ones without both brains and looks. Anyway, I'm watching Grease right now! :D I love how they're supposed to be in high school but look like they're almost 30.

As you know, you can e-mail me on and if you do so please mark the e-mail "Tirin blog" or something, so I know it's not junk mail... ^^ Thanks~

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