Monday, February 21, 2011

One more week of February...

I know I said I would never blog about Gal secrets again, but I read it this morning and noticed I got my first nice secret! Yay xD Just want to thank whoever wrote that :)

Today's outfit (ah yeah I can't wait until spring! I hate winter!!):
Classical mirror pics since I'm home alone... Except for the guys renovating the livingroom downstairs (would we weird if I asked them to photograph me, haha). They are actually nice compared to how they usually are! These guys introduced themselves and stuff :)

Okay so, I've gotten e-mails from people complaining about my "What Swedes think of YOU"-posts. One even called my blog racist, hahaha... He obviously didn't read the "I speak of people in general and this is not supposed to be taken too seriously, so take no offense! ... this is supposed to be funny and a bit "extreme", and it's not meant to offend anyone."-part. Other people have said I'm ruining their country's reputation and people won't want to visit anymore. ... Seriously? Well it's kinda flattering they'd think my readers would base all their opinions on the stuff I write on my blog, and that I would be that influential. I'm sure my readers are smart enough to read the whole part and understand that I wrote about stereotypes.
     So I've gotten some critique for those posts,  but I get way more positive response, so I'm going to write the 3rd and last part! I haven't decided on all countries to write about, but I was thinking; Ireland, Holland, China, Canada, and perhaps S. Korea. What do you think?


Tirin said...

earthquakes? :O i have never in my life experiences an earthquake (except small ones when i visited japan, lol).. so yes, i'm fine! :D haha

ah yeah, i suppose all the hate and bitchin is a part of the gal culture as well, after all we're (almost) all girls and that's what we do!

Ayari/Fifi said...

I think your gorgeous and people do mean secrets about you because they are jealous and thats a fact! Gyaru has always been about being sexy and fun...Most of these chicks are a bunch of prudes lol Keep being sexy and gorgeous =D xx

Nicki said...

Hey sweetheart! You problably now that there's been some bitchin' at Gyaru Secrets, and i just felt that i had to say that you're one of the most beautiful fucking gals i've ever seen in my entire life. Miss u much, btw! ;*

Tirin said...

Ayari/Fifi: Thanks <3 yes i will! haha

Nicki: haha aww thanks girl<3 we have to have another meet-up soon!