Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"New" shorts!

Today I found an old pair of Miss Sixty Diesel (aah I'm so confused, my Miss Sixty jeans are safe for now, might cut them too though) jeans so I tried them on (I actually found more jeans, like 7 pairs or so, which I never use). They fit me perfectly, except the legs weren't tight enough and they were a biiiit too wide, so I decided to cut them and make shorts!
The only problem is that I need to workout in order for it to look awesome on me this summer! And yes, of course I want to look awesome (my legs are already awesome, but my thighs.. uuuhhh being a woman sucks, lol). I'm gonna tryyyy to do it everyday, but I'm a bit lazy so we'll see, haha. Anyway, I'm happy about the shorts!

And I hope no one was offended by my previous post xD


VALENTINE † said...

Aa, you look great already XD working hard for summer too @.@ let's do it !

Anonymous said...

they already look good <3

Tirin said...

thanks guys xD well there's always something to improve and exercising is good for the heart and stuff anyway :D lol

Read said...

super cute shorts