Friday, February 4, 2011

New falsies and such :)

Today I finally got my falsies! Had to ask dad to drive me to the place since it's far away and I've never been there before... I hate them for moving! :( Anyway, never used these falsies before, but I tried them on (the thicker ones and the lower lashes) today and took pictures! hehehehe :3
So yeah, I did some camwhoring (I hate my bangs, it's impossible to tame!);
Yeah, red lipstick + dark pink lipgloss! Might need to cut the lower lashes a bit shorter. I supposed it would've looked better without them in these pics though... Oh and as you can see I straightened my hair as well. I don't know why, but somehow I look "nicer" with red lips, haha... still prefer pink though.

This week I've been waking up at 7 since they're renovating the ceiling downstairs in the livingroom! So loud! Plus they're playing awful music, like jazz or something. Eww I hate jazz, can't stand it! xD Oh and just as the snow was melting (almost gone) we got new snow! Great...

The other day when I went to the mall it felt like I was iceskating all the way there since it's so slippery! I almost wanted to wear a helmet just in case I'd slip and die, but I suppose that would have looked extremely stupid. x)


Aidyl said...

OMG! Those lashes are amazing! =)
You look stunning!!

Tirin said...

aww thank you! :)

CrystallyzeD said...

i rly like that last picture!