Saturday, February 19, 2011

My favorite band ever

Since I'm bored and still have a headache, I thought I would share my favorite music with you! The best band in the world (in my opinion, of course) is the Swedish band The Perishers (as much as I love Anberlin, I just can't helpt but to love The Perishers slightly more). I mean even though you don't really listen to this kind of music, you can't not like them! All their songs have a meaning and there's always something in the lyrics you can relate to, in every single song. But yeah, they're especially good to listen to when you're having your "emo-moments" because most of their songs are a bit sad...

I've been listening to them for years now and probably for years to come. Hopefully I'll get to see them live someday! I mean really, I'm Swedish, they're Swedish... yeah... they're not that famous here though. Anyway, hope you enjoy their music as much as I do! :)