Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie day

Hey people! Ah I'm feeling much better today (still not completely well, I have a headache, blablabla) and I'm going over to Lina's to watch movies and stuff! Yay! I haven't met friends in so long because of school and me being sick, etc.  Don't worry, I don't have a cold so I can meet people without them getting sick too! Ah I looked at pictures from last year's graduation, so I decided to take some webcam pics with my graduation cap on! I look like a police woman or something, lol
I need to make a new video blog soon, it's been a while! Yay tomorrow The walking dead is on TV! and on Monday my favorite TV-guys Erik & Mackan ♥ Hur kommer det sig att alla tycker om Filip och Fredrik mer än Erik och Mackan?? De är ju inte ens roliga, det är folket dem träffar som är roliga! Erik och Mackan däremot är ju askul båda två!

Anyway I've been going to bed too late for being sick... but it's okay, I have my reasons :) I should get some lunch now and then get ready to meet Lina. Hopefully we'll be able to visit Z's and her husband's apartment soon! Should be interesting...

My sister was watching Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in) and I just realize it must look super weird for English speaking people when it said "BAD" on a building! haha Bad is short for badhus which means swimming hall, but I'm sure they translated that in the movie anyway. Okay I need to put on some more clothes now, it's damn cold today! Where's spring?? I need it!! Ah well, at least it's sunny...

Hope you all have a lovely day!~☆

Lina and I watched the movie "I rymden finns inga känslor" (There are no feelings in space), which is about a boy with asperger syndrome named Simon, who lives with his brother Sam and decides to find a new girlfriend for him after a bad breakup. The movie is great! Really good actors (the brother is so cute, haha) and it's funny too! Simon is played by a Skarsgård-boy, and his character is so annoying but totally adorable at the same time. I really recommend this movie! :)


rusty said...

Because Eric och Mackan make programs about poop, and Fredrik och Filip dazzle you with endless chit-chatter and know-how about trivial things. Also, they discuss funnier things. ;)
IMHO, of course.

Tirin said...

oh come on, that's not what their shows are about xD the first season was about gross things yeah, but you learned a lot from it! haha