Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's almost decided...

I want these shoes from Nelly.com (I'm one of Nelly's 5000 best costumers, so I get a big discount if I buy something before the 16th!)! I neeeeed them! They'd look so awesome on me this spring! xD Plus I actually do need brown pumps or so... Aww I need to find myself a rich boyfriend to pay for my shopping! lol (nah I'm gonna try to find a job, but a rich boyfriend wouldn't hurt!)

Okay so for the next What Swedes think of you-post, I was thinking of writing about the following countries; Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and some country in Asia... Not sure which one yet though. I'll write it later on today, so thanks for your suggestions! :)

And I just realize that people hate on all pretty and positive girls! One of my favorite bloggers (who's actually from my city, but now lives in Italy), wrote a blog post a while ago about how some people are mean to her on her blog and hate on her for no reason. She's got great style and seems really nice, so I don't understand why people would be mean to her. Ah it's sad, but yeah, I suppose everyone can't be a good person.


Omid said...

hi Tilde!
please select my country "IRAN"!
I am one of your and your weblog fan and I know you for about 9 months.
so you'll make me happy if you select "IRAN"!

thank you very much!

Axel said...

Looking forward to cliches about Germans... and yes, we are a worthwhile target for ridicule ;-)

Kilala Michi said...

aww ~thats really cute!

Suzanne said...

Gorgeous pumps!
I can't wait for spring too, so i can start wearing simple ballet flats and pumps. Also kinda sick of the snow already >.<