Monday, February 14, 2011

Glad alla ♥:ns dag!

I wanted a little less makeup today, but of course I still wanted long dark lashes :) Ah my eyes were a bit swollen today because I went to bed too late (I don't know why they'd get swollen because of that, but I'm weird, so yeah)... Look how my iris changes color depending on the light! The first picture was in sunlight and it looks light blue - I prefer that color.
And also, here are two webcam pics! I got this top from my mom, it's actually really cute even though I don't usually wear green (it's like a dark olive green). I should wear more colors... hmm...

So since my blog post about prejudice - the "What Swedes think of YOU"-post was pretty popular, I thought I'd make another one with new countries (obviously) and new prejudice. What countries should I write about? In other words, what countries do you want to read prejudice about?


Anonymous said...

I got a lot of countries in mind, like Germany, Poland, Austria... maybe you pick one of these =)

love ur blog girl! many kisses!!

Sane said...

Definitely Germany.
I'd also like to know if the things I heard about Swedish prejudices towards Norwegians are true.

I love today's hair!

Anonymous said...

Finland! It's your neighbour country afterall :)

I love your eyes

Anonymous said...

Brazil (LOL)

And you have really nice eyes. :)

Omid said...

nice hair! like it!

"Iran"! there are many Iranian in Sweden so please select to write about "Iran"!:)
thank you very much, my friend!