Monday, February 7, 2011

Expressing my love ~♥

Oh yes, it has to be done! People who read my blog and write nice comments; lovelovelove youuuu~ haha weird post, but yeah. It always cheers me up, and to know that even though I might have a hater out there, I have you guys who support me and everything! You are almost as awesome as I am! ☆ lol

So, while I was camwhoring today, I took a picture of my eyes wearing only one lense, just to show you the big difference! Sorry about the bad quality though, hah...
I do prefer my natural eyes, but I still love these huge blue lenses! And people seem to think you can't be gyaru without circle lenses. What do you think? Is it possible? I think so. Western gals just have this image in their minds of what a "perfect gyaru" looks like, but come on, all the famous Japanese gyaru don't always have awesome hair-dos or heavy makeup, why can't we do the same without being complained about? Why can't we all just love each other? Or at least like? Okay, maybe just not dislike each other! More people would dare to try the style and we all would improve so much! It's my idyllic little gyaru world! Ahhh... how I wish...


Caro said...

since i started wearing circle lenses myself i think it looks kind of 'incomplete' without them.

but i think it also depents on the person because everybody looks different and i think that some people (like you <3) can pull it off extremely well without lenses.

i even can't decide if i like you more without the lenses because you already have such nice big eyes ;A; ♥

also it kind of depends on the colour. i have some ugly blue/green/grey mix so i expecially like the different colour when wearing lenses

(sry my english i kind of messed up today |D')

莉蕥♡ said...

I think circle lenses aren't necessary to look gal. Of course they help to get this dolly look, but I've seen many western gals with beautiful eyes, no need to wear lenses. ♥

Mika said...

I like both...with AND without lenses.
Of course the lenses have this huge enlargement-effect but concerning the colour i think your eyes look amazing even without coloured lenses :3