Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Åh, så nostalgiskt!

I was looking at really old photos today of my family and stuff. My siblings and I were so adorable together, always hugging and doing weird things. Aww my brother was the cutest baby ever! Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of the photos, just because I always think it's fun to see childhood pictures of others!
 Me, 7 years old or so. I was rockin' a blonde bob back then!
 Me, 10 years old in Germany during the CISV camp I went to.
Sister, cousin and me, 4, 3½, and 2½ years old (?)! During "midsommar", a tradition.
Me and mom, I was... 1 year old or so, my first vacation ever - in Greece :)

Sorry but here's some Swedish:
Jag vet inte varför, men jag kollade igenom mina jättegamla bilder på bilddagboken och började skratta åt en bild jag hade lagt upp på origami-tranor där Z/David hade skrivit kommentaren "Kraa kraa? :(" och jag svarade "Ja, absolut!" xD Jag skrev så jäkla random saker där, askul att läsa, tihi!

So everyone's telling me I neeeeed to watch the series The walking dead (because I'm such a zombie nerd), and guess what?! They'll start airing it on TV the 20th Feb. so I don't have to download it or whatever! I know everyone has already seen it, but now I will too! mwahah 


Honey said...

my best friend is a big fan of the walking dead haha but bad for her till now they didnt announce that it will go on air in germany
I think you were a cute kid, actually my face looked somehow like yours when i was young xD

Kilala Michi said...

wow~ too cute~ i love looking at some old pictures too... so much fun! by the way you look sooo cute when u were a baby~ >3<

Tirin said...

Honey: Ah, maybe they will air it soon? ^^
haha really? ooo i wanna see what you looked like :D

Kilala Michi: thank you ^^

kaori said...

Cute! Waah and I'm so jealous! You have blond hair, you're skinny and have nice boobs! I feel so ugly myself now ;__;
~love your blog ♥

Anonymous said...

To me, you're perfect.

Tirin said...

Aww thank you guys!<3 x)

BeXie said...

Aw you were so cute as a kid! :) Ofc you still are hehe, nice post - very nostalgic~