Sunday, January 30, 2011

You can now contact me on e-mail!

Good morning dear readers! ☆  I'm very happy people have written comments wanting me to e-mail them, so therefore I decided to make an e-mail for this blog! It will be much easier for you (you know I will read whatever you write) and much easier for me because I don't have to look up every comment for an e-mail address, etc.

You can contact me if you have any questions, if you want to discuss something I've written, if you just want an easier way to communicate with me, or for any other random reason :) I still reply to questions and such when they are written as a comment, but if you want to ask many questions or don't feel like writing it for everyone to see (for whatever reason that may be), feel free to e-mail me on!

I will now go do my makeup because I'm going for a walk with Lina in the sunshine! :) I think I will take photos so I'll probably blog more later. Have a great Sunday, everybody! ♥

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