Monday, January 10, 2011

Vadå 50 personer i kö på arbetsförmedlingen?

Today it was 2 degrees and sunny, so I decided to take outfit pics without my coat on! It wasn't cold at all, until it got windy xD All the snow is melting, but it's so slippery! Anyway, this is me today;
Did you notice the "fox tail" on my bag? I never really liked the fox tail trend until recently (I know, slow slow slow, but I thought it was ugly at first...), so I decided to make one myself! It's actually real fur, and yeah I know - fur is murder! but I didn't buy it, we had it at home and it's old, so why not use it? The poor animal shouldn't have died for nothing, right? At it's not actually a fox tail, it's mink, fancy fancy ;P

Oh and today my friend will help me order one of those hats with cat ears and gloves (the so called "kawaii cat ear muffler")! You know, like this - they're soooo awesome and cute!;
It'll take 7-10 business days until I get it, so in about 2 weeks it should be here... I'll show you lots of pics when I get it :) Hopefully it's as cute as in the pictures... and everyone will look at me like I'm a weirdo when I wear it in public - should be fun... x)


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