Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vacation plans and man-sluts

Hej hej! Still waiting for more group pics from Nicki x) Meanwhile, here are two photos of me! Don't break your neck looking at them. :) I wanna start my own business! I need to read about that...
I have to try to get a job or really start planning my business, because if I do, mom and dad will pay for a 3 weeks long vacation this summer in southern France! :3 That'd be so nice!

Today I've been on the phone with my sister for about 2 hours... and my cousins left this morning. One of them is a computer nerd, just like my brother. Maybe it runs in the family... xD

Oh and last week I found out that a guy I once dated is a man-slut. I already sorta knew that, but now it's confirmed. Apparantly he flirted with my sister's friend, and she was like "but you dated my friend's little sister" and he replied "yeah but she was so shy"... Excuse me? ME SHY?! Who the hell was the one that talked all the time?! He didn't really say a word and he didn't start one single conversation (that's why I didn't want to see him again, he was so boring)! You don't get to call me shy when you're practically mute yourself. Also, I don't care if he might be reading this, he should face the truth; he's a slut. - And I only went out with him because he had been nagging about seeing me for like 3 months, so I felt bad for him.

Anyway, I need some candy now. x)



Anonymous said...

That´s mean to say, even thou he is a slut. Actually, you acted wrong when pitying him and dating him. Why if you didnt love him? Thats slutty, too

Tilde said...

uuuummm you have to LOVE someone to go on ONE date with him??? that's a stupid comment.