Monday, January 17, 2011

To all the anon haters

So in yesterday's Gal Secrets post, there were at least two secrets about people hating on anon haters and that "it's stupid to do so because their opinion matters too". Haha you just don't get it, do you? We don't "hate" you because you're anonomous, we think you're pathetic because you're hating on girls who didn't do anything to you! And if you really feel like you have to tell that one girl how bad her hair looks or whatever, why don't you stand for your opinion and tell her without being anonomous? She would actually respect that opinion more since you'd stand for it. Just the idea of hating on a complete stranger because of his/her looks is just so sad. I don't get it, at all. Okay if you're gossiping with your good friends about someone's style, but come on, on an Internet community? Get a life.

Also, why are there so many lolitas posting on GAL secrets? They don't understand gyaru and they're bashing on the whole style, so what the hell are they doing on that community? Makes no sense.

Oh and I guess a lot of girls like me (aka girls with an opinion who stand up for themselves) get hated on. One more thing; all of you lolita girls who don't get gyaru, it's mostly about hair and makeup (that's why you see people on the street with the same kind of clothes as gyaru). Go read about it online or google some pictures instead of posting a secret on a gal community.

Btw, Mika gave me the "Favorite blog award" :) Thank you so much ~♥ I'm not gonna go on with the whole award thing, sorry sorry ._. but I'm very happy for this!


Lolo said...

I actually saw both comments you're talking about.. the Lolita one kindaa made me okay bash on a style because you don't get it....

Anyway! I just wanted to say Thanks for Being my inspiration and standing up to all those girls on gal secrets who call you fake etc etc I love your style!

Tilde said...

Haha yeah that was a stupid comment. why are they even on a gyaru community? weirdos x_x

that makes me happy to hear! :) i hope more girls will stand up for themselves and not let any mean comments get to them.
thank you ^^