Monday, January 17, 2011

Some words by a feminist

So today I went out for a walk and I made a video on my balcony, but it doesn't really work so I can't show you... xD Here's a picture instead (and I was wearing blue jeans for the first time in so long!);
It's damn slippery, and wet since the snow is melting. I hope spring will be here soon... I'll get my hat-thingy with cat ears and gloves (you know, those featured in Ranzuki, Egg, Popteen, etc.) this week or next! Yay, can't wait! :D

I'm happy about the new followers and comments, thank you! ~♥

Right now I'm watching documentaries on TV. I love documentaries, love learning random new things! For instance... did you know that if you drink milk everyday you lose 2 kg or so of your weight? (meaning I would probably gain 2 kg if I stopped drinking milk, which I do everyday already).
     I don't know why, but people are always surprised I like to watch documentaries (surprised I like to learn?)... Just because I look a certain way they tend to assume things about me, and I hate that! Why would you think you know me just because you know what I look like? There have even been people not just assuming things, but trying to decide for me what I like and stuff.
     That reminds me about this couple at H&M a few weeks ago; she was trying on clothes and he tried to decide for her what to try and buy - "This top would look great with black leggings and a silver necklace", "You have to buy this one, it would look pretty on you and it covers alot so it doesn't look slutty and therefore you could wear it meeting my parents", "This looks much better than what you're wearing now", etc. Who does he think he is? Why would she let a man talk to her like that? I would've slapped him, damn hard! Okay, you might think I'm over-reacting, but women with no self respect and integracy are what keep this world discriminating towards women, what keep men thinking they can decide for us. I don't care if a lot of guys are intimidated by strong women, and want a girl to try to do everything to please him and do as he says. I'd rather stay single forever than having someone trying to control me. I hope you guys would too.



Kilala Michi said...

AWWW you r too cute! your make up is allways nice~ soft looking face!

Becky said...

You look great on that pic!
And I agree with you, I wouldn't like to have a couple who wants to decide everything for me

Dodo-Vogel said...

DAMN! That poor couple has a lot of problems ahead >.>
I'd never let my boyfriend control what I wear... Yes I try to dress up to look nice for him so I don't buy what he thinks is ugly, but if I'm in love with it I would!
He hates that I'm doin makeup but I do. He has to live with it cause he loves me. Isn't it that way?
That everybody does what he/she wants and he other supports him?

Tirin said...

michi-picream & Becky: Thank you! :)

Dodo-Vogel: Yeah exactly! Couples should accept each other's looks and style. Of course you can give tips to help improve your partner's style, but only if he/she wants you to. And the way that man said it was with such an "I'm better than you"-attitude. horrible >_<

Phony said...

i love your hair!
you are very cute!