Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The reason I haven't been blogging...

Warning: This post is a bit emo and probably shouldn't be read

I don't want to go into details, but recently I just hate life. I don't hate living, I just hate my life as it is now. Well I guess when people, that are supposed to always be there for you and support you, tell you not good enough and that you should kill yourself and stuff, that's not really unexpected.

They're calling me lazy, but I have so many ideas and so many dreams. For instance... I told them I wanted to start my own business, they said I wouldn't succeed. I finally found a course at uni I wanted to take, they replied it wasn't good enough. I suggested I could just travel (and work abroad) for a few months to find out what I really want to do with life, they told me that if I leave I they wouldn't let me come back. I don't know what it is, but whatever I do, it's just never good enough.

Anyway, I still try to stay positive, it's just damn hard now. I will probably blog later on today about something.. happy... xD So don't worry, this blog won't go emo!

Just to show you how non-emo I am, here's my new profile pic for IP x) Since everyone loves Sweden and everything... Anyway, I should probably go for a walk later, with David. And I need to go get my new falsies.
And all you gyaru-obsessed out there, don't complain about this not being gyaru because it's not supposed to be. Although if I'd be Asian it'd look totally gyaru, lol.

Oh and for some reason my header isn't blurry anymore! Strange... (but good, of course!) Also I want to say thanks for following my blog and all of you who write comments, it makes me very happy ^^ I'm sorry I'm not as good at writing comments on other people's blogs... I do sometimes though! hah... I'll make better and more interesting blog posts soon (well at least I'll try)!


Nnena said...

Being turned down by friends sometimes happens to me too.
You should just take a second look and consider what you really want to do, their opinion taken in account too. I've ignored critique on purpose before and I ended up badly.

Don't give up *insert huge hug here*

Cat said...

Awww sweetie I'm very sorry to hear that you don't receive the love and support you deserve. No matter how confident a person is, it's always disheartening to feel that your friends or family don't believe in you, or don't take your dreams and aspirations seriously. I don't usually post comments but I felt the need to tell you that the most important person to make happy in life is yourself (at the end of the day you're the one living it!), and you have to continue believing in yourself when no one else will. If these negative influences are people who you are able to cut out from your life then you should really consider doing are too beautiful and bright to allow anyone to make you feel less than amazing and capable of achieving everything and anything you want. Love Cat xxx

:P said...

ge inte upp tilde <3 :)

Erica said...

Du kan göra vad du än vill göra!
Låt INGEN stoppa dig! i alla fall inte människor som beter sig så mot dig! du är bra, smart och bra som du är! :)

Read said...

I can't believe they are treating you like that. I think you need to stay away from these influences so you can make up your mind with what you want to do woth your life. Keep staying positive and being confident. Surround your self with positive influences and stay away from the negative if possible. Maybe take a vacation?

Becky said...

I can understand you, I'm in a similar situation.
But you have to try to be happy and don't bother about what other people think

Miss.XoXo said...

stay positive!
If someone tells you you will not succeed in something then it's best not to have them around at all.
Don't take it out on yourself.
stay strong and keep reaching for those goals of yours.
All that is important is that you believe in yourself.

sanna said...

du är verkligen skitsnygg på den bilden med sverigetröjan :D

Tirin said...

tack kära du :) såg din blogg, asfina naglar och grejer ~☆