Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random stuff

Today my dad got me my favorite chocolate! ~♥ He must've gotten his kindness from grandma. x) She was such a great woman (and I'm so much like her... Ok, that sounds like I'm calling myself a great woman - well I am, lol, but that's not what I meant)! She loved to dress up, she loved pink, she was a dreamer and she sold all her things and moved abroad. Too bad I didn't know her whole story while she was still alive, I sorta got to know her better at her funeral. But she's such an inspiration for me. I wish I could do the same, just move aborad like that...

Dunno why, but here's a "behind the picture" story; I'm wearing so much pink in this picture, but it looked better in black&white. The natural light is always the best light, that's why I'm on the balcony in this picture. ^^ Oh yes, I'm such a cam-whore, can't be helped.
It's so sunny today! I love waking up to sunshine, it always makes me happy :) Winter is only beautiful on sunny days. I'm such a nature nerd though... Yesterday was such a starry night. I was brushing my teeth and just stared out the window at the sky. I do the same if I've been out and get home late and the sky is full of stars; I just stand on the steps (to the house) almost breaking my neck looking up the sky, all fascinated. Fullmoon yesterday as well, fascination max! People think I'm weird :)
Love waking up to ice crystals glittering in the sun~
Oh I watched the best documentary yesterday about babies! Babies are awesome (no I don't want a baby)! It was such a cool documentary, I was writing facts from the show to almost everyone I was talking to on MSN, but no one cared! haha Boring people... xD

Now I'm going to make lunch; tuna salad! Yum :3 My sister said that most girls don't like salad, they only eat it because it's healthy, blablabla... but tuna salad is actually one of my favorite foods! In case anyone wonders, this is what I have in it;
♥ Tuna (duuh...)
♥ Pasta
♥ Boiled eggs
♥ Cherry tomatoes
♥ Cucumber
♥ Corn
♥ Lettuce
And for dressing I use balm vinegar and olive oil (the amount of olive oil is the amount of vinegar x2)- healthy healthy



S O F I A said...

Åh, vad söt du är! Och vilken söt blogg du har! ♥

Tilde said...

Tack så mycket :)

Shannon Mclauchlan said...

I think your stunning :)

ベーサ said...

That pic is stunning!!
It's one of the most beautiful eye makeup I've ever seen... just WOW!

Dodo-Vogel said...

being a camwhore isn't bad when u get such awesome pics <3

Tilde said...

Aww thank you girls ♥ ^^

Anonymous said...

waaaah that make-up is totally gorgeous! <3<3 keep it up sweetie^^

リンダ said...

hey really loves that blackwhite picture its beautiful...keep your blog like you do..i really like it