Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Planning Thursday...

Hej hej! So I'm planning what bus to take to/from Stockholm on Thursday for the gyaru meet-up! :) Sucks that I'll only be able to be in Stockholm about 1h and 40min if I take the bus (they have the worst schedule for the buses), and it takes 1h 35min to get there and about the same to get home... I need a car!! >:(

I'm also planning what to wear and how to do my hair! So much to plan... xD Not gonna have straight hair... either curls or some hair-do... Nicki and I also talked about having a Lovelipop party someday! Rent some place to hang out and such... that'd be awesome! I'm happy things are finally happening with our gal-cir! ~☆ I'm just wondering.. where are my fellow Västerås-gyaru?? I don't know anyone here that's into the style! It sucks :(

Now I want to open my own little store! (or well I have been wanting to do that for a while now), but I'd need a business partner! I seriously think my idea would be really popular here in Sweden :) More girls should think as spontaneously and creatively as me! Come on, let's do it (open a store like the one I want, I mean)! xD


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Anonymous said...

Hej! Your photo is great but before it was better because now we can't see enough of your body :( :( don't take just your face please ;P