Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pink rose nails

I tried on bottom lashes today, but i didn't wear circle lenses because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get them out... Guess why!
... Can you see it? I'm wearing fake nails! :D Aaaah, it's my first time wearing fake nails and it feels so weird... These were the first ones I've made and I'm really not used to big decorations on them. These roses are heavy!
Seriously, how do you gals do it? Like all the small things you do everyday; do your hair, do your makeup, how do you put on a pair of skinny jeans??? I haven't even dared to try yet... I guess I'll just have to get used to it... It even feels weird typing now xD They'll stay on though because they look awesome (if I can say so myself, I've always loved fake nails), even though I feel a bit handcapped.



Anonymous said...

You look awesome with the bottom lashes and your nails are just too cute *Q*

Tilde said...

thank you :)<3

zoo-bie said...

It's seriously all in becoming used to them. I suppose you don't have any similiar problems when you have long natural nails? That's probably because then the length comes gradually, and you get habituated along the way. When you put on fake nails, the change is so sudden, and as a result it feels strange and unusual, like they are about to fall off when you put the slightest strain on them, or as though they are going to break or the beads are going to fall off - you know the feeling. Personally I hate going to the toilet the first days I'm wearing fake nails when I haven't in a long time, haha. TMI, I know. But anyways, just keep wearing them and you'll get used to it, it's as easy as that. ;) They are really lovely, did you make them yourself or did you buy them? The bottom lashes look great too.

Tilde said...

haha yeah.. xD well today's the second day i'm wearing them and i'm pretty used to it by now.. it was difficult with the big decorations, so i took the roses off and changed the nails a bit(T-T) but now it's much easier to do things!

i made them myself :3 and thank you!

Miss R. said...

You made those!? They are lovely. I love fake nails too but I am super useless when I wear them... Haha.

Life* A Blog said...

Loving the roses :)