Friday, January 7, 2011

Lovelipop gyaru meet-up

I haven't got the photos yet from Nicki, but I took this group pic from her blog! Everyone's so cute ♥
Me, Amanda, Lydia, Emma, Becci and Nicki! ~☆
I'm not sure if Amanda, Lydia and Emma have blogs... if they do, I would link them. It was funny when we took pictures and two random guys from Belgium started posing with us! haha Hopefully I'll get those pics from Nicki so I can show you (if they look good, that is). It's strange how this was a Lovelipop meet-up but Nicki and I are the only ones in that cir. Anyway, it was great meeting all of these pretty ladies ;D

Found Lydia's blog.. and Amanda's blog :) and I sorta look like a giant, but I was wearing heels, haha.



Anonymous said...

In general, what do you think of H&M clothing on men? In your opinion is it a good look or not to your liking?

Tirin said...

umm i like it.. but of course it also depends on WHAT h&m clothes it is xD EVERYTHING's not pretty

Mika said...

really cute group pic *Q*
You all look very gyaru <3

Kilala Michi said...

awww you gals look so cute!!!!!!!!! *3*