Friday, January 14, 2011

Letters and memories (and Gal secrets)

Today I was inspired my Michelle Phan's Barbie makeup tutorial.
Oh and I managed to put on circle lenses, even with fake nails on.

Now I'm gonna show you my "letter box", a box filled with letters I've gotten from pen friends! I have soo many letters, haha... Most of them are from my Japanese friend Ayaka. I met her in Kyoto last year :) We had a bit of a communication problem, but she's such a smart and nice girl!
I have one more special box; my travel box! I made a slogan for it; "one small box - many big adventures" - hell yeah! LOL... anyway, it's filled with memories from trips I've made (mostly from Japan). Funny thing is, I miss it the most, not when I look at photos, but when I look at receipts from our konbini Daily Yamazaki in Shin-Yokohama! haha :) We went there every evening to buy breakfast for the next day. Miss it!
Okay so I just checked Gal secrets, and another post "about" me, come on! Whyyyyy? And it doesn't even make any sense! Helloooo, why would you choose the gyaru fashion if you don't like "fake"? It's fake as hell! I'd say it's probably the most fake style out there - the girls wear tons of makeup, falsies, fake nails, circle lenses, wigs, hair extensions, etc. What are you complaining about?? At least some people were smart enough to write that about the post in a comment. :) Besides, what's that supposed to mean, the "circle lenses are only for Asians"?? Are you some kind of racist? Actually, Barbie is a big inspiration of the style, just watch this;
Pretty similar, isn't it?

I should start writing my blog address on every pic so that I at least get some publicity everytime that hater decides to make a secret about me (or like this time, just using my pic).



Naija Barbie said...

Oh wow. You look great .And it is very similar! It took me a second to realize it was you, not Barbie. You should do a tutorial

Tilde said...

thank you :) well actually i was just inspired by michelle phan's tutorial, so watching her barbie tutorial should do just fine ^^

Elena said...

You look amazing, so much like Barbie! I love it! ^w^!!
Also you know, I think most of these "gyaru is too fake" is done by Lolita's to be honest, I have seen a big number of them go Gyaru and not get the attention they desire from the community, in any case, circle lens are defiantly not for "only asians" they do the same effect on western people which is change of colour and make eyes look bigger, which is a very key look for many asian fashions.
I feel your pain for the gyaru secrets, I really don't know what's wrong with these girls, considering I don't even post on everyday gyaru or advertise my blog they still seem find a way to hate on people, oh well.

Tilde said...

thanks :3
oh really? well that makes sense, since gyaru would know better than to hate on the style xD

it's really strange they choose people who don't even post on e_g or anything. the only place where i have posted the pics my "hater" is using is on my BLOG!! so that person is stalking me for some reason. (it could of course be more than one person, but i think it's just one).. i also saw the post about you, but i think you look so pretty i don't know what that person is talking about! they need to get a life!

Aerynn said...

I love your Barbie makeup *_* so cute!

Also, I don't know what that person is talking about, 'circle lenses are only for Asians'! even if they mean that Asian people use them to make their eyes looks bigger.. did it not occur to them that not all Westerners have big eyes?

Tilde said...

thank you ^^

exactly! and for me it's not just to get "bigger eyes" .. circle lenses sorta gives the makeup and the whole look a special effect! it's so not just for asians xD

Julia said...

you're prettier than barbie ♪

Read said...

You look just like Barbie!!! OMG that is so cool

☆말가리타☆ AKA ☆dr.Queenie (Ichigo)☆ said...

I think i'd laugh so hard if I discovered who write the shit on gyaru secrets

The secrets 'against'/about you are so damn stupid -______-

Jasmine said...

you look like that Barbie doll!!
how beautiful you are~XD

Miss.XoXo said...

oh you have penpals?
I have been looking for penpals someone I can write to and we can exchange goodies and hope to meet one day.
would you like to?
It would be fun! =)

Laurence said...

omg you look just like the doll >O<
such very nice lashes!

i wish i have big bright eyes like this!