Thursday, January 20, 2011

Internet guys; part 3

Okay so I had another guy calling me "slut" because I didn't want to take slutty pics and send to him, and I didn't want to see his slutty pics. Yeah, that makes total sense. Calling me a slut because I'm not a slut. I love how people use words they don't know the meaning of. To me it seems like it was sluts he wanted to talk to, but ok... xD

Also, some guys tell me "I prefer girls without makeup", etc.... so what the hell are you writing to me for?! Guys always say they don't get how girls think.. I think guys are the strange ones. Plus over half of them are socially retarded.

Btw... look at this:
They all have cute nicknames, but I don't have one :( My name is so difficult to shorten in some way... Help me come up with a nickname? Thank yoouuu ☆


♥ Princess ♥ said...

People are retarded, many of them,
you are smart its good :)

maybe Tichan, Tiri,Tirin ? haha its cute!

Sanna said...

Man, those guys are stupid!
Just ignore them, you can find better companion to talk with ^^

You are so sweet girl!
I think Tilde is so cute name, I haven't heard that before I came to your blog! Use it :D

☆shawna☆ said...

I like someones comment of Tiri! it sounds cute, reminds me of tiramisu

Sane said...

I had to laugh so hard when I read your post. I guess most women have come across the type of guy who'd call them a slut for not being slutty to them. Makes you wonder why it is said that women are inferior to men when it comes to logic.

I also love those guys who like "girls without makeup". Liars!!! As long as they're not eco fanatics I simply don't believe any guy who claims he likes the natural type. Do they even know what we look like without any colour in our faces? I'm afraid they'd be shocked if they ever saw the real thing ...

Love your blog!