Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've been watching Xiaxue's guide to life (and as some of you might know already, she's my favorite blogger. Mostly because we share the same opinions about almost everything and we're not afraid to speak our minds. I really look up to her in that way.), and I watched the episode about blogging. She's so right about one thing you learn after you start blogging; all people seem to be nice around you, but when you go online the people are so hateful. Why is it that they have to hide behind a screen and take out all their anger on strangers online? What can possibly be so suckish in their lives that they need to hate on random people over the Internet? I just don't get it.

If people really hate her, why do they take the time reading her blog and watching her videos? It doesn't make any sense! The same goes for my "hater". It's just patetic.

Anyway, haters aren't the reason I'm writing this. I got inspired by watching the episode "Teeth straightening", and I decided to tell you about my case. This post is about imperfections, and we all have them, wether we do something about it or just leave it be. We can photoshop our pictures to erase our imperfections, but when it comes to real life, there's no software you can use to hide it. In extreme cases you might undergo surgery, but that shouldn't be the solution. Who decided what a "perfect" person looks like? We should just embrace our flaws because we all have them, so who cares? Although if you do decide to do something about the one thing about your looks that's bothering you, then good for you. I did, I used to have braces for 1,5 years or so, and when I look back at it I can't believe how bad my problem actually was. It wasn't just a case of crooked teeth.

This is sorta what it looks like now, and as you still can see something's off:
My problem was; you know how you have 4 front teeth? I had 4 front baby teeth, but only 2 permanent ones. That's right, for some reason there were no permanent teeth hiding under two of the baby teeth. This is really embarrassing for me to write about, but I'm really sick of the world telling us what we should look like. Come on, no one's born with the perfect Hollywood smile! Why wouldn't we be good enough as we are? Okay, I hate to do this, but here's one more picture:

This is after and before braces...
Seriously, it looks like from a horror movie! Or some animal teeth! It looks awful! At least my 3rd set of teeth took up much space in the gap of the missing teeth, so it was quite easy to move everything. I hated my teeth (well I still do to some extent), I was well aware of how different I looked and I sometimes refused to laugh.. and if I did laugh, I would cover my mouth because I didn't want anyone to see my teeth. It's so sad thinking about it.

This is me smiling now (at least it looks good in webcam quality);

I don't think I really had a complex until one of my best friends told me I looked like a vampire (this was still during elementary school), and after that I started to be more conscious about my teeth, and I decided to do something about it. I didn't really care about her at first, but when I looked at myself in the mirror growing older, I felt that this wasn't the way I was supposed to look like. This didn't match the image of myself in my mind. I had to wait a long time though, because the dentists didn't think it was that urgent. For me it was, of course, and wearing braces was totally worth it, even though it still doesn't look "perfect". But I don't need to be perfect, I just need to learn to accept every part of me that doesn't look like people would describe "the perfect person".

There are still many things I would change if I could, but our "flaws" are often what make us stand out, what make us different from others.. and that's nothing to be ashamed of. I think we just have the wrong role models. All the celebrities undergo surgery to get rid of their imperfections, even though they looked perfectly normal to us. They're telling us that if you have a big nose you're ugly, or if you're too fat you look horrible. There are other ways to handle things! The best thing to do would be to stop deciding for others what is pretty and what is not. We should just be like "this is me, I love myself the way I am and if you don't like it - fuck off, that's your problem", because with that attitude (maybe not so rude), this would be a better world. Maybe you think I shouldn't say these things because I "fixed" my problem, but come on, it's hardly the same as getting a boobjob because you think people will love you more if you do. And I'm not against plastic surgery, I just think that it shouldn't be done because of lack of self-confidence. If you do it for you, fine, but if you do it because someone told you you should, screw them. Having flaws is being special.

Sometimes our imperfections are what make us beautiful.

I remember a shop where my mom used to buy clothes, that had these amazing plastic bags saying "Skratt är vackert. Du är vacker. Vackrast är du när du skrattar." (Translates to "Laughter is beautiful. You are beautiful. You're the most beautiful when you laugh".) So if you have "bad teeth", just think about the Japanese models in fashion magazines; they have crooked, weird teeth, yet they look adorable when they laugh.. and so do you :)



Anonymous said...

I know what you're talking about concerning the "haters".
I love online/blogger life because people are nice and don't judge you because of you looks or stuff but because of the quality of your posts.
But sometimes you get to know online people that make everything bad you're talking about and that really sucks >__<''
Please don't let it get you down!
Stay strong,cutie,i know you are!! :3

Becky said...

I can understand you. Fortunately I don't have any "hater" right now

Btw, you're really pretty!

I'm your new follower (^_^)

Anonymous said...

All popular people have haters, that's the way the world is =)

Tilde said...

Thank you guys! I won't let it bother me, I just think it's really sad there are people like that (and so many of them online)!

Lauren said...

Haha don't worry for the "baby tooth but no permanent one under": I have exactly the same problem!
My baby tooth fell just 2 years ago (hum hum I'm almost 20) and now I have a hole instead :$
Don't matter though, 'cause it can't be seen (back lower tooth)and I'm going to have an implant soon... well, everyone can share the same flaws! ;)

faa said...

Hey! I came across your blog through interpals. I must say that I love you for this post. Thank you :)