Thursday, January 6, 2011

I hate buses :(

I went to Stockholm today for the gyaru meet-up, but my bus was over 30min late and once I finally arrived Nicki wasn't answering her cellphone so I had to sit wait at the statoion while being harassed by 3 guys at two different times saying I looked a bit like Paris Hilton... Umm helloooo? Just because I'm blonde and slim (and wear lots of makeup at events like this) doesn't make me look like her! xD

Anyway, Nicki finally called and came to meet me, and then we went to join the others. Everyone was so sweet and nice! :D It was my first time meeting all of them and I haven't talked to anyone before except for Nicki, but it felt like we were already friends somehow, haha. I had forgotten how much fun it is to meet with a group of girls! We took pictures with Nicki's camera, so I'll upload them to my blog as soon as I get them from her :)

The girls were gonna go for drinks, but I couldn't join them since my bus back to Västerås was about to depart. It sucks I couldn't stay longer, but this weather is evil so it can't be helped... Anyway, it was fun so we should do this again sometime soon :)

Here's a pic of today's makeup. I ended up not doing anything with my hair (except for a braid across my bangs, which I didn't have in this picture).

There were only 6 people (me included) that turned up for the meet-up, even though 12 said they would come and 5 said they might be able to make it. Doesn't matter, it was a nice experience :) I'll make sure to attend to more gyaru meet-ups!



Mjauki said...

Du är så snygg, jag tror jag har en liten crush på dig hihi^_^

Tirin said...

hahah tack xD