Friday, January 21, 2011

I got in I got in I got in~

Today's outfit;
Actually, my face looks like a fish in this one, so I censured it a bit xD

And here's an indoor picture. I went through my closet and found my old Liz Lisa döll bag! I put a Bukowski bear (that I got on my graduation) on it, hehe. They're adorable and they're so soft! They feel like a Japanese spitz puppy :) Aww I can pretend I'm holding a mute pomeranian puppy instead of the Bukowski bear... >_< lol

Oh, and you know that fashion course I talked about before? Well I got in! It started on the 17th so I've missed the first week, but hopefully it doesn't matter. I think I'm gonna accept and start the course :) I guess I still need to find a job though.

My hat-thingy from Japan should get here today. Actually, a friend ordered it for me so he'll get it in the mail. It should be today though, hopefully. They said 7-14 working days, and it's been 7 now xD Hmm I'm sure I won't get it before those 14 days, just because...

Also, thanks for coming up with some nickname ideas! I think Tirin sounds cute, although it makes me think of a little boy... haha :) I'll have to think about it, but that might be the one. ~



Becky said...

You look gorgeous on that pics!
I like your style (^_^)

Tilde said...

Thank you<3 :D

Anonymous said...

Great style.

Kanae said...

Cute outfit! :D

Rii said...

You are SO adorably cute!!!