Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Är det där en katt? Nej det var bara en låda."

I went for a walk in the cold with David! Here's the result;
The video is both in Swedish and English so you probably won't understand everything unless you're Swedish.. but it's fun anyway :) I look like a weirdo, but thankfully David is there to make me seem normal! and yes, I'm feeling a bit better. Thanks for the sweet comments ~♥


Anonymous said...

hi Tirin!
I was looking your blog and I found it very interesting...moreover i guess you are a very nice girl and friend. And..i love the art you make with the diamonds...amazing! :D
I think we could be friends or pals friends if you want.

This is my email. contact with me if you are interested :D

XOXO from Spain!

Anonymous said...

hey i just stumbled on your blog when looking up circle lens. which type have you found to be the biggest? please email me!

id love to follow your blog! i hope thats ok! :) you're very pretty by the way. :D