Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yesterday it was Lucia...

Someone was trashing our cir on Gal Secrets (I bet it's my hater since she took the logo that Rika made that I have on my blog), and not the official logo. I'm not sure why I have a secret hater, but oh well, at least the person loves me enough to actually go through my blog!

Anyhow, I made a video blog yesterday to tell you a little about what day it was. It's a Swedish tradition to celebrate Lucia on the 13th of December, o watch this;
I forgot to tell you what the guys in the "Luciatåg" are called, they're stjärngossar.



Kitty said...

I don't really like that makeup you're wearing in that pic :S:S u look a bit scary! I loove the makeup u usually wear, you look like an angel/gal/barbie :P

Tilde said...

oh i look scary, that's... nice... xD well the people on gal communities always complain about too little makeup so there they go! i don't normally look like that though. i prefer a little less makeup :)