Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who needs enemies when we've got friends like you? ♫

'SUP?? Wearing a lot of black today, including my awesome boots! I have to wear them tomorrow when going shopping for Christmas presents.. hopefully it won't get me killed... :') Oh yes, my floor has become my standard place for taking webcam pics. The light there is good and you can see most of my outfit! Awesome! I'm addicted to Anberlin these days. I'm not sure if anyone loves them as much as I do... Of course I'm not a freaky fangirl who knows everything about the members (what their middles names are, what their favorite food is, etc... creepy...), I just love their music :)

Soon it's New Year's, so I'm gonna make a list of the best/worst things of this year! But that's next time, I don't really have time right now.



juju said...

i love this picture , like in the dream ! :D


Macey said...

I don't know if your gal or not but you've been bashed on there for the past few secrets

Tirin said...

Macey: i knowww, don't really care about immature people though. the girls on gyaru secrets are just jealous of the ones they're hating on. they should grow up

Anonymous said...

nice shoes !

Miss R. said...

i think I fell in love with those boots.