Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wearing pink makes me feel like a doll

Why is it, that if a Swede sings our national anthem he/she is a racist? Or of a Swede wears a T-shirt with our flag or whatever, he/she hates immigrants? Why aren’t we allowed to show any patriotism at all, without being “racists” because of it? My brother told me that at his old school they weren’t allowed to sing the national anthem even on our national day!  What’s up with that?!  It’s not like I’d move to a foreign country and call them racists because they show respect and appreciation for their country! :S I wouldn't call them racists because they sang their anthem on their national day! I wouldn't care and I'd let them sing the damn song! So why don't people allow us to do the same? 

And why is it (well it seems that way), that immigrants in for instance USA are proud to be American? But here a lot of them think Swedes are racists because we love our country. It's seriously weird.

And I don't mean to sound rasist at all, I just wonder why we aren't allowed to show patriotism.


☆shawna☆ said...

the world is weird!! thats all~

Omid said...

I agree with you Tilde,
you should be proud of your country!
I wanna suggest you something!
play Sweden national anthem in your blog!

I am proud of my country too and I always play Iran national anthem in yahoo voice-chat rooms!

everyone must love his/her country otherwise he/she is TRAITOR!
that's it!

Anonymous said...

believe me, it's worse here in germany for...quite obvious reasons but still D: