Sunday, December 19, 2010

Very delayed b-day presents! :)

From my cousin, his parents and grandma. R.I.P. grandmother.
 Super cute charms for my Thomas Sabo bracelet! ♥
 Here's my bracelet! It needs more charms. I want something pink, like a heart or so :)
So I just got home from my cousin's house, and we watched a really funny Swedish comedy (parody of a Swedish police series) called Kommisarie Späck! It was really funny and you should watch it! I'm sure it's on the Internet with English subtitles... xD Although I don't know if it's as funny if you haven't seen the original (Beck). Aaaaanywayyyy, tomorrow I'm going shopping again with my sister. I hope she wants to take pictures with the two snowmen in one of the malls! I'll show you if we do... x)

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