Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tokyo talk

Today I met with Fredrik (the owner of the blog Agepoyo - check it out!) who's studying in Tokyo and writes about all sorts of interesting Japanese things, like fashion! Yay! ☆ I showed him around in my boring city and we discussed our experiences in Japan, etc. It was nice :)

We then camwhored at Gina Tricot! Nevermind my bangs, it looks stupid... Plus we agreed we both look better IRL, haha.

I love that no one cared about us taking photos in a mirror in the middle of a store, even though this is Sweden and people would normally look at us as if we were crazy or stupid. Ooooor the staff would tell us to delete the pics because you can't photograph in the store.

My aunt and her husband came over for dinner and my uncle brought photos from my dad's graduation! He (my dad) actually went to the same high school as I did, so it was interesting to see :) Tomorrow it's the last day of 2010!


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Rikku said...

åh vad roligt! det ser ut att ha varit väldigt trevligt :D tycker att ni båda ser fantastiskt bra ut!

gott nytt år!