Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tilde today~

Today I went shopping with Tove (I'll show you what I bought later), and there weren't as many people there as there normally is during mellandagsrean. I think 90% of all the girls were at Gina Tricot, haha. I actually bought this dress there (like I said, more pics later);
Today I'm wearing my first pair of circle lenses. They're kinda thick so I like the bigger ones better since they're much thinner (these ones are 14mm and my other lenses are 15.8mm). I almost don't feel like I'm wearing them, but these ones can be a bit annoying. I like this size better though. Thankfully my 3rd pair that I'm getting soon is this size but thin :)

Here's what I bought! I'll return the shorts though... It was the smallest size (34) but they were still too big :S I didn't like them very much... and no, I didn't try them on in the store, the line was too long and I didn't really have time. So I'll just return them tomorrow or something. The rest I love! Especially the leopard dress and the white over-sized top/tunic/dress-thingy ♥



Omid said...

your lenses are beautiful but your eyes are something else!

happy new year! ;)

Lisette said...

Var har du köpt linserna? :D

Tirin said...

Lisette: Dessa är köpta på, men jag har även linser från :)

Elena said...

You look sooo awesome!
Love the lens on you, your make-up looks great! <3!

Nina said...