Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This year is almost over!

Today I sorta have a fever... and I changed the layout of the blog a bit so I can have bigger photos on it :) The last post made me happy thinking about all the things I did this year. I'm addicted to travelling and I got to travel a lot this year. Still not sure what to do on New Year's Eve, I'll have to come up with some awesome plans! I hope to see a shooting star this year like I did two years ago, but I probably won't have a Zlata saying "Ah, something fell!" (sounds ridiculous in Swedish) to it anyway. :P
I have to order my last Christmas present! I hope I'll get the presents for my sister and brother soon... In a few days, I'm sure :) I think I chose good presents, but we'll see how much they'll like them!

Right now I'm watching a documentary about surgery gone wrong. It's gross, but interesting... There was a woman who got an infection that ate half her stomach! Eww... Soon I'm gonna watch Desperate Hosuewives and then sleep or so, so I'll get better! :)



Kakazinha said...

I hope that you improve fever.

I love your pics!

Pink Kisses♥

Omid said...

nice Tilde! ;)