Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Barbie is addicted to rock.

Today I met with Zlata and we went for fika (I'm assuming you all know what that means by now). It was nice to see her again, we haven't met since she got married! That makes me so stressed, when my friends are getting married (I swear, in a few months from now she'll be pregnant and everything!) and I don't even have a boyfriend! Aaaaanyway, we talked about everything; life, school, the future, etc. We also talked about Swedes and compared them to other nationalities (since she's not Swedish it works better). For those of you who are curious about how we are; Swedes are pretty calm and we don't really care about things that are none of our business, which for some foreigners might seem as if we're "cold". I think we're very civilized compared to a lot of other nationalities (like in Italy where the guys act like cave men when they see a pretty blonde girl [no offense, Italians]), but I hate that there are so many things that are not "socially acceptable". Like people think it's wrong to approach someone unless it's at a club/pub or you're in the same class in school! It's so lame!! Why would it be wrong to talk to someone you find attractive?

And speaking of marriage/boyfriends aka guys in general... Seems it's kinda common for them to ask me for style tips xD Actually, I don't like guys who dress in too much color. I prefer them to dress in black, white and gray. Is that weird? I think it looks more mature. Oh and I loooove guys with all white skate sneakers, lovely ~♥

Right now I'm listening to Three Days Grace! Exactly what music genre is that anyway? Oh when I was walking home today after saying bye to Zlata, there was a guy walking behind me who was moaning all the time! SO CREEPY! Also another guy "flirted" with me in Spanish; "que linda, preciosa" and stuff. Well it's good to know I look cute even in winter clothes. x)


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Nicki said...

Yo sweetie! Fabulous pic <3 Ville bara be dig skicka/länka en bild på dig du gillar, eller ja, som du vill ska vara med i våran header på Tänkte nämligen göra en header med (nästan) alla medlemmar ;D Hoppas du har det bra~ Chu~