Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shopping shopping shopping...

Don't let the smile fool you, I'm not in a good mood today. My mom and dad cut off the Internet the whole day even though I had lots to do on my computer (really, I'm handicapped without Internet), which only makes me think about how much I hate living here anyway. Västerås - Pest-erås. So yesterday I went shopping in -10 degrees C with Lina! I was supposed to buy lots of Christmas presents, but I didn't find much, so I ended up buying things for myself as well, hehe x) I bought a pair of jeans;
 and this super adorable bracelet! I just couldn't resist buying it! I'm gonna wear it on New year's Eve x) it looks much better irl though. Pink, sparkly, ribbon - so me!
And yes, I was supposed to write about this year, but I still have time so I'll do it later. Right now I'm gonna eat some ice cream and watch Gossip Girl!


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Anonymous said...

Decoden & annat krims-krams, nu i Sverige!
Chu ♪