Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mellandagsrea :)

Today mellandagsrean (some sort of sale before New year's) started so we went to buy my sister a camera and me a curling iron! I didn't own one before, so now I do! My hair becomes like 15cm shorter than with my normal curls, but this looks so cute! :) I look so dreamy in this pic, haha.. I just chose the pic where you can see my makeup the most!

I also went to get my package from Nelly, containing blusher and falsies! A lot of people on Nelly say the brand of the blusher sucks (because it's so cheap), but I have eyeshadow from that brand and it's actually pretty good. It lasts all day long, so I hope this blusher is good too. These lashes are super pretty though!
Here you can see the lashes on (sorta), they almost look natural - but really long! I absolutely love them! Gonna try a more natural look tomorrow with them.. I'm going shopping with my sister since everything's on sale! I'm not gonna buy too much though... Hope my circle lenses will get here soon :) aaaand the makeup from e.l.f.!