Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yesterday before going to bed I read a few western gyaru's blogs and I got inspired today to do my makeup with circle lenses and everything. The contouring looks kinda "extreme" in the pics... hmm strange... I want to have a meet-up with the Lovelipop gals!
It's weird with the post(s) on Gal secrets that "having natural curls is not gyaru" or whatever. Well, have you ever seen a Japanese person with naturally curly hair? They all have straight or wavy hair, not curly, so no wonder gals don't have natural curls - it's genetically impossible for them.

I finally got my sister's Christmas present! It was supposed to get here weeks ago! My falsies still haven't arrived :/ I guess I'll get them tomorrow, hopefully before going to Norberg (where we're celebrating Christmas)!

Oh wait, I was supposed to write a post about Internet guys again... Oh well, don't have time now, I'm starving... so it'll have to wait :) Hang in there. One more thing! I got a Christmas card from my Dutch friend Alle (the guy who came here to visit a week this year in summer) today! Thank you~☆



Omid said...

oh WOW! very long lashes! can you blink easily with those long lashes, Tilde?

BeXie said...

I'm loving your make-up! Your lashes are sooo big! lol And your nails are amazing too! =]

Naija Barbie said...

You look really pretty! And it's true! They don't have naturally curly hair so how can it be considered gyaru but curly hair is gyaru. I think if you have naturally curly hair and you style it gyaru, then it is gyaru. End of story