Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ja jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden! ~♫ (or maybe not)

So after yesterday's post, I decided to camwhore a little with a Swedish shirt! I would never mix the colors blue and yellow, so Sweden shirts are the only exceptions, coz they look awesome :)

I got a new mascara from IsaDora yesterday that I tried today. I like it. Feels like I don't need any eyeliner (which I don't have today). If I start buying that one instead of the one I usually buy, I save over 70SEK each time! Awesome.

This weekend my parents are celebrating 20 years as married, because their 20th anniversary was earlier this week. Yay them for staying together for that long. It's almost New Year... I need to start planning my future for real. I think mom's starting to accept a little that I want to travel and work (or something) abroad. Finally. Only took 6 months.



juju said...

sverige ! damn hot tilde on these pics ^^

ベーサ said...

You're so pretty!
I love your make-up ad your skin is perfect! What foundation do you use?

You should a make-up tutorial on day :D

Anonymous said...

Goddamn ! :D