Friday, December 24, 2010


Okay so today it's Christmas Eve - and I'm at home! We went to Norberg yesterday, but we couldn't stay over Christmas because the water lines were frozen so we had no cold water and the heat was barely working so we had to sleep with like hats and stuff. I woke up at 3am and felt sick, so I didn't get much sleep. We drove home this morning (so beautiful! everything was white and the sun was rising), but we almost got stuck in the snow with the car near our old mansion in Norberg, haha. I think this is the coldest Christmas I have experienced... awesome...

Tomorrow I'm going to get my package containing falsies and blusher! Yay! Hopefully my 3rd pair of circle lenses will arrive soon as well.  Anyway, won't write more now, we're having a late Christmas lunch soon, and after that we'll watch Inception (yes, I have already seen that movie but I think it's awesome). I hope you all have a great weekend and
Merry Christmas~☆


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J.Vasti said...

have a good christmas